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Port of Wisps

By October 18, 2023No Comments

Upon the sky ship named Stormscreamer, there is the most capable Captain I have ever known. His true name is said to be lost to the twelve winds, but he goes by Vexyu. Aptly named for how he makes any pirates, scallywags, or would be thieves feel in his wake. As clever as a Barthinog Eel, and as slippery as an Oil Ox, he can transport safely any persons or cargo throughout the Realms and faster than any other can manage. However, to find Stormscreamer and its Captain, you first must know the location of the Port of Wisps. Therein lies the trick, for you see only the Captain ever knows where the port actually is at any given time. Because it travels on the Realmwinds as it pleases, for the port is no town; it is a Cloudeater of age untold and as large as a small continent. Upon its back is the Citadel of Light, comprised of deep blue light from Moonrealm where moonlight is as solid as stone but weighs nothing. The Citadel is enclosed by a city made of the finest smoke brick, Sunglint silk strands tough as iron have been pounded flat for roofing, and the streets are paved with the translucent scales shed from the great tidesfish of Murkdepth. All building materials must weigh nothing, or next to nothing, as to not slow or weigh down the gargantuan Cloudeater.

All in residence must adhere to the Laws of Windtrade using (hologram like) representation light magics to show wares, without the actual wares present. Commerce abounds in this place where many from countless realms gather, and all trade is done without wares or shinies (Realm spanning currency). Once transactions are made, the goods are shipped from the home realms to the destination realms almost immediately (another requirement of participating in the Laws of Windtrade). The only weight that is allowed here is that of the traders themselves and residents of the Citadel of Light, who being wind sprites, weigh next to nothing anyway. This is all very important to later stories as we will often cross paths with the Port of Wisps while I tell you of my journeys.

The really interesting story is of how Captain Vexyu and I crossed paths, my part in the innovative invention of the Doldrums Engine that may have very well saved us all from certain doom… and when I first arrived at the Port of Wisps, but that is all a story for another time.


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