Discover whimsical and fantastical handmade creations, designed to give you a glimpse — because anything else would be impolite — into other realms.

Handmade & Always Unique

Part of the magic behind Swirly Tree Creations is how every item we dream up is unique, uniquely inspired, uniquely crafted, and impossible to recreate. Each art piece is custom-built with upcycled and natural materials that best mimic the glimpse of the realm and moment they depict.

To this day I have no idea what the creation I am making at the time will look like until I am finished with it.

J.P. GriffinSwirly Tree Creations artist and founder

Sometimes Asked Questions

Have a question about our creations? We often do too. See if your question is listed to the right and if not, send us a note! Our website form is most convenient, but we also answer to carrier bird (pigeon, owl, we don’t discriminate).

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For whom do you create your creations?

We create for fans of the whimsical, the fantastical, and the incredible. We handcraft glimpses into the magical realms inspired by imagination, to evoke the imagination.

How are we doing this?

We have a strict policy of adherence to completely whimsical, mercurial, and most often made-up rules, with double adherence to those rules on every fifteenth Tuesday of every tenth leap year. Most of the time we do not have any idea what the finished piece will be, or what inspired it. Other times, careful planning and endless patience for detail work are required, along with lots of various kinds of glue. Mostly, we have no idea though.

Who makes these creations?

Currently, all of our creations are handcrafted, one by one, by a single artist, maker, and creative named J.P. Griffin. Drawing from a lifetime of experience, J.P. has been imagining whimsical uses for everyday objects for as long as he can remember. Working for 30 years on small-scale construction skills, strengthening his imagination, and working to overcome life-crippling anxieties, J.P. is elated to make his creations a reality.

After purchasing, how long will shipping take?

Once an order is placed, it takes about five business days to deliver from our door to yours. Products are shipped via UPS Ground (we found carrier pigeons to be too inefficient).

Shipping is included in the price of each creation.

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