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A Merfersher is a medium-sized relative of the common slime mold. The fully aquatic carnivore is a relatively rare specimen to come across even though its natural habitat spans realms. It is thought to have been spread by its spores attaching to trade ships as they passed through the waters of its home realm, but since no one really knows the origin, this cannot be substantiated. Often seen in hues of green and dulled yellows, when washed up on land this creature has been considered everything from an omen to a blessing when found. Only a few have managed to study it alive, or in its natural habitat, though it has been observed in those conditions as a completely translucent creature which is speculated to change upon its exposure to air.  In the wild, it hunts with stealth and luck. It floats in the currents in its watery environment waiting for Lillyswims to become ensnared in its bulk. Then, once trapped within, it consumes them. The lack of colors is considered an adaptation to the varied and different colors of water, so they can blend in seamlessly to any watery environment.


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(Image Credit Instagram @LunarInkwell)