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Hearth Heart

By September 20, 2023No Comments

Known to most on this planet and plane as the universe in which Earth exists, I have been careful not to specify its whereabouts as I walked the realms. You don’t always know the motivations of others who might walk the realms, or their intentions to seek out and exploit any resources they may not have. Even the most beautiful places often need something from others, and even the most beautiful hearts can cloak themselves in that which they call righteousness to justify their dubious means of acquiring those needed things. So, one must be careful not to divulge too much about origins. Thus, I have learned what other Swirlstriders from this place and plane do themselves and I chose “Hearth Heart” to keep it hidden from those who might wish it harm.

If you yourself decide you also would be best suited to be a Swirlstrider, perhaps our paths will cross but always protect your origin realm’s name. Also be sure to change the names of other realms you wish to protect. There are entire realms that send scouts just for prospecting to see if they can take the resources of what they consider as “rival” realms. Like wicked hornets, they gather information then go back to their lair realms to share that information with the hoards and prepare to take it by force. I have visited one such realm in the aftermath. I knew them, they were peaceful, and it was all so senseless. Just because they had some shiny rocks that they themselves would have given away (they didn’t even want them) and they couldn’t even understand the word “battle”… I will miss my friends there. But their final message will not be lost to the twelve winds if I have anything to do with it.

“Trust not the seekers, for they are but a puppet for those who would consume all you know and love. Keep heart, for even now we know peace. We will miss you until the crossroads.” ~ Last Passage of the Creagarthe

Their realm is now a barren, grey sand desert now referred to as the Wasted Sadness. Every part of it robbed of life, beauty, and anything unique. Even the ruins were pulverized to dust for any fleck of shiny rocks that might have been used as decoration to a once vibrant civilization and supremely complex ecosystem. I may tell you of them someday, but that is a story for another time. I cannot currently bear the sadness.

So, keep the name of your home realm protected as you wander. No one is quite sure who the seekers are and the Wasted Sadness stands as an example of consequence.

Ok. Hello. Farewell.