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Jaraline of the Balance

By September 13, 2023No Comments

I “wandered” into a realm that is in the top five or so of the most unexpected that I have experienced. Well, it is more like a suggestion of other realms (not quite its own but not quite part of any other) like a pocket between, but not a Portulley hub. Anyway, enough trying to explain that part of it. Let me tell you why it was such a curiosity. Jaraline Chatgato (Pronounced Yah~ rah ~ line, Shah ~ got ~ toe) is the one and only resident of the realm and is perhaps the kindest creature I have ever come to meet. She has chosen (perhaps even made this realm for one reason) to channel goodwill from realm to realm. She, herself, came from a realm long lost to the ages that was called the realm of Felis. It is perhaps how we were influenced for the name of cats here in Hearth Heart as theirs was one of the original realms that collided with the Forebera and their universe as it traveled through the void and therefore has integrated into nearly every newly attached realm since. And, if you have not yet realized, she was in fact a species of Felis Originem, or, the Original Cat. All variations throughout the realms came from their species. Where, of course, other than the realms where canine species are more prevalent, there are almost always some versions of a cat. Even the water realms often contain some version of Siluriform, commonly known as catfish here on Hearth Heart. Though not technically related to cats, it’s still perhaps the reason we thought of it that way because they have barbels which closely mimic the look of a cat’s whiskers. I forget why I was talking about catfish…

Anyway, we are focusing on Jaraline. She wields goodwill energies as perhaps she always has. As in since the beginning of always. She may be the most ancient creature I have ever met in all my travels, perhaps even older than the Elderkin of the Portulley Spires. The goodwill energies come into her realm as glowing bubbles of all colors and being so attuned, she redirects them to where the energies are needed most with simply a thought. I inquired how it was possible that goodwill energies could be in the form of bubbles and Jaraline chuckled heartily in a joyful tone that exuded so much mirth I couldn’t help chuckle with her even if I didn’t know why. She explained I saw bubbles because that is how I chose to perceive entire universes worth of goodwill. Some universes are so bursting with the willingness of their residents to help others that they produce massive amounts of excess goodwill energies. Other universes produce none or consume those energies like a food source. Most though, are usually fairly balanced but can tip one way or another from time to time depending on what is going on in that universe in its individual timeline. Jaraline keeps the balance. A little too much here, not quite enough there; send the excess to the ones that have none or feed it to the universes that consume it. All in balance. I asked why would there are universes where no goodwill exists? Why would you feed those universes that simply consume it? She replied, ever so calmly, and explained that there must always be a balance. For instance, should a singularity (black hole) apologize for its existence, or simply exist as it was meant to be? What of a newly formed sun? Should it be concerned with how brightly it shines or exist simply as intended? No, there is no mystery of the cosmos here, just balance.

I didn’t know how to perceive the scale to which she was referring so I asked if what I called realms she called universes. She again replied, in her voice like a familiar comfort, no not exactly. Though I used to understand it as you have phrased your question because my species came from a realm as you describe, but there is much more of everything than you have ever thought possible. A universe is but a grain of sand in an endless desert, everything contained within may be considered a part of that grain, but it is all the grains that make the desert. My mind had struggled with the possibility of how much there could possibly be in the Swirlyverse before. But, to think of the whole of every existence I have ever known, or speculated, to exist as only a grain of sand in a desert of numbers untold, was more than I could comprehend, but I appreciated the effort she took trying to explain. I told her I didn’t think I was capable of that level of thinking or understanding. She simply chuckled again. “You are further than some, but further away than others, each part of each grain on their own journey, it helps to keep the balance.” I had already talked for a very long time indeed with Jaraline and felt I may be bothering her or interrupting her work. She, without any admonishment, replied saying I was not in any way a bother. Besides the reality is, I was never really there, but it was nice of me to visit as so few did now when it used to be much more common an occurrence to see travelers in the tides of the balance. “But do visit again,” she said as I opened my eyes and realized I was only just waking from the nap I had started earlier. So, was I ever actually there? Travelling realms, universes, even endless deserts, all require different modes and methods of travel. Perhaps goodwill and dreams are the way to visit Jaraline. Should you figure this out where I have not, and you see her in your own dream travels, tell her I said hello. Also add I will try to visit her soon.


Okay! Hello! Farewell!