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Barthinog Eel

By September 6, 2023No Comments

Throughout the realms there is a creature I have seen often. They vary in size, but I have not yet determined if this is because of age or environmental factors. It is as comfortable moving through the air as it is on the ground, or swimming in water, often choosing its territory to include as variable a landscape as possible. It is an opportunistic eater, consuming berries, and insects, as well as being carnivorous. The Barthinog eel’s greatest asset, however, is that it is very intelligent; one of the smartest creatures I have observed throughout the realms. It uses its skills for stealth. It can move silently, hide effectively in most any environment, and even utilize advanced techniques as it learns. Hearth Heart’s examples might be the intellect of dolphins, cephalopods, or even some of the smaller primates. It is not known how long Barthinog eels live, or even where they originate, but they are successful wherever they decide their territory lies. I have even seen them gain an understanding of treating themselves for various ails by eating plants or covering injuries by swimming through a clinging mud to repel insects and discourage infection. I have even seen them form partnerships with other organisms.


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