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Tocklegears and Cogleticks

By November 1, 2023November 9th, 2023No Comments

A mirrored species of a most interesting nature. In the beginning of any universe, Tocklegears and Cogleticks are created mysteriously and miraculously by the first movements of time. They themselves lack the ability to appear in a physical form because they never truly exist in one place at one time, but instead perhaps everywhere they wish to be simultaneously. It is most confusing to understand but maybe this will help. Here in Hearth Heart, we tend to ascribe time to distance. So, if you are traveling the length of one town or village to the next it should take what we have determined to be a certain amount of time. We count on this, plan on it even, and organize ourselves by where we need to be based on this information. Have you ever made it inexplicably a half an hour faster? Or no matter what you do, even though everything was the same, you were an hour late and you don’t know why? You may have had a Tocklegear or a Cogletick traveling with you for a moment. Our habits as corporeal species moving about attract them to us. Timing always interests them, as does balance. Tocklegears seek to speed up time in small areas, so they are attracted to where the energy is high, like a concert, or a movie, when we are excited! That energy makes them excited as well, which is why those instances time seem to pass so quickly. But as I said they are a mirrored species so Cogleticks seek to slow down time in small areas. For example, when the last five minutes of work seems to take at least an hour or a long journey taking what seems like days longer than it should. They are particularly fond of lines where people are already annoyed. They love frustrated energy and seek to increase it.


So, as I said, they are attracted to our actions as we move about and they can be right next to each other influencing different people in different ways. One person in a meeting thinks it takes forever, another can’t believe how fast it went. One person loves walking around a store looking at all the interesting things and loses what seems like hours doing so happily, somebody with them wonders if they will ever be able to leave because it feels like they have been there an age. There is no real difference in the times but usually for every one influence there must be balance. If there were only Cogleticks time would stop completely and if there were only Tocklegears we would witness all the way to the end of all realms in but a few minutes. Both species are always mindful of the rules of balance, but they do so enjoy bending that rule as far as they are able.


Okay! Hello! Farewell!