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Farglenargle Plants

By March 24, 2023June 19th, 2023No Comments

If you ever find yourself in the Endless Forest and you are lost, as is usually the case, keep an eye out for a large reddish-yellow colored flower shaped as a nearly perfect cube. A curiosity in any realm, nature forming a cube is almost unheard of, but not impossible. This plant has many mundane, practical, and magical applications. Inside the cube is a perfect sphere, blue in color, called the Farglenargle berry, but try not to touch it, it can be toxic if ripened. I usually throw that to the side, so it grows another Farglenargle plant. The petals of the cube, however, are commonly used to create a marbling dye that makes unique swirl patterns. The stalk is very tough and if you dry it out, then peel the fibers away, it can be used to make cordage, rope, and even clothing. The leaves are appealing to the eye and can be made into jewelry or a healing poultice if crushed with water (careful though, it has been known to be a skin irritant for some). The root is the most sought-after part of the plant because you can dry it out and crush it into powder. Farglenargle powder is how Spinports can be made. Spinports are a one- time portal to an unknown destination. Often used by Dryftsailers and Swirlstriders alike, they are also a practical means of escape for many residents of many realms. After all, if you are being chased by the Sparklebane you don’t much care where you end up as long as it’s not HERE! If you use a Spinport though, the reason it is called that, is you feel very dizzy wherever you arrive, but nothing can follow you through.


Special Note: If the Farglenargle flower has a small hole in the side, leave it. It has become the nesting pod of the Eyetick and, yes, that is as horrible as it sounds. Just keep walking.


Okay! Hello! Farewell!