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By April 12, 2023August 17th, 2023No Comments

Deep in Reekbog I came across an interesting creature I later came to know as a Whippleflap. Relatively common in most realms, these small bat-like creatures are equipped with a long tail that is primarily comprised of cartilage and a thin but tough hide scale outer layer. This tail is very flexible and for good reason, as a defense I have not seen its parallel in nature. As a large group these creatures can defend against all but the largest or specialized of would-be predators. They have adapted to move their entire body and flight pattern to utilize this tail as a whip, snapping it at intruders and causing painful welts and injury. One or two are an effective deterrent, but these are social creatures and live in communities of hundreds. I have seen the most vicious and cunning Barthinog eel fleeing under the onslaught of whips from a Whippleflap swarm, slithering and dodging through trees and water alike just to escape.

Another of the most striking and notable truths about Whippleflaps is their extreme color variations. In Hearth Heart we are quite used to our bats being black, brown, some oranges, but Whippleflaps are every color you can imagine. Some are pink and purple, others green and magenta. The color combinations on these creatures seem to be endless. I have a theory that it has to do with defense, like how Hearth Heart’s Zebras stripes confuse would be hunters by blending. Or, perhaps, they are just colorful! Either way, a flock of Whippleflaps is something to behold…and avoid.

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(Image Credit Instagram @LunarInkwell)