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My dear, Hearthies! That’s what I have decided to call you since you are of the realm Hearth Heart, which is here by the way. The realm where our world exists, well our whole universe actually, all contained in Hearth Heart. I call it that because you should always protect your origin realm when Swirlstriding by changing the name, but I will get into that later. Just know that here is called “Hearth Heart.” It’s clever you see because it hides in plain sight. Take the “H” off Hearth and you have “Earth,” add the now extra “H” to the end of “Heart” and you have “Hearth,” making it “Earth Hearth.” Your origin realm is hidden in the name! Also, your destination, if you ever forget where you are trying to return when lost, something that can happen from time to time, believe me.

But today I wanted to give you a definition, well, another definition since I gave you one with “Hearth Heart” I suppose. So, it’s a two-definition kind of day. If I did a third does it become a lexicon? Or a dictionary? Or a Glossary!? Anyway, today’s second definition is this:


Dryftsailers ~ Der-ift-say-oh-lores

Adjective, Noun

Those that wish to go beyond the kingdoms of their initial existence because they are called strongly by the realm winds. Just as the Forebera had an innate desire to explore, and the want/need to see all the mysteries of everywhere, and perhaps even drift beyond the limits of the known realms, the Dryftsailers are of a similar nature. Though very different from a Swirlstrider because Dryftsailers rarely choose to return to their origin realm. Like Hearth Heart’s dandelion seeds, or “cypsela,” they drift on the realm winds never intending to return and not really concerned with where they land.


That will probably be important to know, or maybe you don’t need to know that… I get those mixed up sometimes.

Okay! Hello! Farewell!