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Greetings from a Swirlstrider

By July 22, 2022June 19th, 2023No Comments

“When the captured lightning opens its eye and the Swirly Tree is known, the realm of Hearth Heart will know the travels of the Swirlstrider by his musings.”   

~Elderkin of Skystar, while seeing through Cloudsight just after the setting of the Stargazer Moon in the year of Firsts.

Welcome! I am a Swirlstrider within the origin realm of Hearth Heart! Now you are probably wondering what it is I just said because it did not make a lot of sense. And you would be correct except, in this case, you are not. We should start by going to the middle somewhere, to begin explaining, and then the beginning so you can start to understand what I am talking about at the end.

A personal entry from my journal:

“I visited only one planet in this realm, what they called “The Isles of Stratos.” All of their land masses have formed around massive pockets of extremely dense gases causing the lands to actually float around the planet. After many thousands of years of war among these floating continents, a planetwide peace was forged. Some say this occurred after a visit from a passing Forebera. Their architecture is essentially limitless in its beauty because they have materials as strong as anything in the known Realms. I was told the materials used weigh as much as “a puff of a Knarklbracks feathers.” When I asked what a Knarklbrack was I did not understand the response, but I believe it to be a bird-like fish whale… maybe. Those explaining were overcome with laughter at attempts to describe it. It may also be a very convincing planetwide inside joke that they play on Swirlstriders and outsiders. I also heard whisperings of the lost continent, said to have been so since before the Isle Wars, but no one had record or maps.”

So, there you go, the middle part. Now you can start to understand. I am what I say I am. I travel from Realm-to-Realm meeting inhabitants that bend the imagination, making friends, running from the unfriendly, getting captured, rescuing others, getting rescued myself, helping others, learning everything I can, and so much more. And that is where we begin. Do you now understand as I said you might, here at the end of this? If not, don’t worry, I rarely know things myself. I will explain so much more of course, but don’t count on it being in order. That’s not how it works.

Okay! Hello! Farewell!