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Closely related to Farglenargle flowers, but completely nontoxic, these berries are as curious as their square flowering relatives. The berries resemble Hearth Heart’s blueberries in shape but are crystal clear when ripe. They grow on magenta vines that have bright purple leaves and orange flowers when in bloom.

Grown almost exclusively in the Briarwood Vineyards, they are a favorite among many realmspans. A major export for the Swirly Tree realm in many forms; fresh, jellied, fermented into Snargleberry Juice, and luxuriously smooth fruit jerky are among the more popular uses of this sought after and versatile berry.

Locally to the Swirly Tree realm they are often used in the Steamfire Moon celebration to make the bright red filling for the spicedĀ “Angry Wisp” pies that are so popular at that time of year.

The original plants are said to have been found in the grove of Hollythorn Vipershrew. They were discovered clinging to long overgrown forebera ruins located there, after the battle of Briarwood. She had jealously guarded the few original vines for hundreds of years to deprive all realms of the joy they brought. Now they have been cultivated into carefully maintained vineyards so they can be shared with all the realms that desire their lovely hints of a floral bouquet and sweet taste.

But stories are sometimes just that, stories. The berry might not be as sought after if someone simply said. “Oh, just found them growing by that tree over there!” As such, the more fantastical origins have curiously never been able to be verified.

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