Tiny Chess Dome


It has been noted that, throughout the realms, creatures of many sizes engage in what has come to be known in the “Commonspeak” as the Chess of Crystals, or Crystal Chess. Many regular and obscure structures, new and ancient, have this game built-in and it is usually played by only those with the magics of Crystalsong, or the ability to make crystals sing with light. This is how the “pieces” are made for the game and why they then vanish after the game is completed. Players may depict their own style of pieces through their imaginations but the function and number must be the same. Crystal Chess is used for leisure, education, and conflict resolution. In at least one realm, all decision making, to the winner goes the opinion to which all must adhere. In that realm a Crystal Chess match is of such import only one game per their complete solar rotation may even be played. This challenging mix of wit and showy magics has fostered peace, logic, and even unlikely friendships throughout the realms and across most any borders.

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Height: 4 1/2 inches
Width: 3 1/2 inches
Depth: 3 1/2 inches


“Crystal Chess”


The creations we handcraft are for purposes of decor, art, space enhancement, and complete impracticality. The creations are not intended as toys. It is recommended that they only be handled by intelligent people, over the age of when car insurance becomes cheaper, and should not be relied upon for sole inspiration of your own imagination.

Whimsical as they are, keep these creations away from:

  • Unattended children (choking hazards do not use as a toy!)
  • People with allergies to dust, moss, anything found in the natural world, various kinds of adhesives, paints, polyurethanes, and any other items natural or manufactured found in the creations
  • Household pets and wild animals
  • Not intended for use underwater or in fish tanks
  • Not intended for outdoor use unless specifically mentioned
  • Not for use with, or near, decorative candles, open flame, or heat sources of any kind
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to help avoid color fading of natural items

Also keep away from:

  • Furniture that pulls focus
  • People with no imagination

Additional information

Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 4.5 in