Shed Sparklies Wings Display #001


Particularly difficult to identify, most Sparklies wings are shed every 3 to 6 months as to hibernate for a season or more, or blend in to the various seasons more easily. Have you ever seen a tree with all its leaves when no other tree around it has any leaves at all, only for all the leaves to be gone the next day? It may have been a Wing Shed Tree. After wings are shed, the tree must be easy to climb down until the new wings unfold. So, for 24 hours or so, a Wing Shed Tree might be a haven for the Sparklies whom primarily rely on flight for mobility. Usually they time their sheds to coincide with their primary influence trees and plants, shedding their leaves so they can be hidden in the multitudes of regular leaves. It is best to search for shed Sparklies wings after storms, once the weather has cleared, or in the leaf clutter and particularly in the fall. They are difficult to spot, but not impossible. Though they are often damaged as they are extremely delicate.


Height: 21 inches
Width: 11 inches
Depth: 2 1/2 inches
*Stand not included

“J.P.G Enthusiast Displays”


The creations we handcraft are for purposes of decor, art, space enhancement, and complete impracticality. The creations are not intended as toys. It is recommended that they only be handled by intelligent people, over the age of when car insurance becomes cheaper, and should not be relied upon for sole inspiration of your own imagination. 

Whimsical as they are, keep these creations away from:

  • Unattended children (choking hazards do not use as a toy!)
  • People with allergies to dust, moss, anything found in the natural world, various kinds of adhesives, paints, polyurethanes, and any other items natural or manufactured found in the creations
  • Household pets and wild animals
  • Not intended for use underwater or in fish tanks
  • Not intended for outdoor use unless specifically mentioned
  • Not for use with, or near, decorative candles, open flame, or heat sources of any kind
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to help avoid color fading of natural items

Also keep away from:

  • Furniture that pulls focus
  • People with no imagination

Additional information

Dimensions 2.5 × 11 × 21 in